Taste America Chicago Destination Sets at River Roast

For long-time Chicagoans, you know Chicago is always at the forefront of culinary culture, innovating taste and experience for all foodies ready to enjoy life. If you’ve been pampering yourself with exclusive dining experiences in Chicago, then, let us add another exciting happening to your plate. On March 15th, the James Beard Foundation Taste America event is coming to Chicago, featuring our very own Chef Cedric Harden of River Roast, in collaboration with featured guest Chef Darnell Reed of Luella’s Southern Kitchen.

Chef Harden — Flavor of the Midwest Growing up with the natural inclination and desire to cook for his family, Chef Harden’s passion for food started at a very early age. Nowadays, Chef Cedric Harden is the leading force behind the culinary program at River Roast in Chicago, bringing people together through food.

The real Chicago foodies wouldn’t be unfamiliar with Chef Harden’s record. As sous chef at Urban Belly, BellyShack, and Belly Q, Chef Harden is the magician behind the scene, bringing unforgettable dining experiences to Chicagoland. With a strong focus on Midwestern comfort food, Chef Harden thoughtfully creates shareable dishes that are meant to bring joy and capture the love and warmth midwestern cuisine is known for, as people gather to connect over a meal.

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